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W2-2 Dambuster Napkin Ring: Guy Gibson, VC led the famous RAF bombing raid against strategic German dams.

This is a photograph of a sterling silver napkin ring that was given to me at my christening in 1942 by my godfather, W/C Guy Gibson, VC, DSO*, DFC*.

Napkin RingDambuster Napkin Ring

Guy Gibson was the Commanding Officer of Royal Air Force Squadron 617 which he led in the famous “Dam Buster” raid in 1943 that led to the destruction of two strategically important dams in the Ruhr Valley. The raid involved a daring, low-level attack using specially designed bombs that were skipped across the water to explode against the dam face.He was awarded the Victoria Cross for this outstanding feat of gallantry and daring. He was killed later in the war.

Submitted by: Michael Braham, Capt (N) (Ret’d)


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