Honouring History For A Better Future

We are the Friends of the Canadian War Museum. Join us in supporting the Canadian War Museum.

The fundraising and volunteer support the Friends provide to the Canadian War Museum has been invaluable, enabling us to enlighten present and future generations about Canada’s military history in a number of meaningful ways.

Caroline Dromaguet, Director General of the Canadian War Museum

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Why We Do It

For Education

The Friends believe all Canadians should learn of past sacrifices and the vital role that Canada’s military, its industry and indeed all Canadians have played in the freedom we enjoy today.

For the Community

The Friends provide all Canadians including current and former military members, their families, and new Canadians an opportunity to build a community of citizens working together in a common cause to support a national treasure – the Canadian War Museum.

For the Connections

Supporting the Canadian War Museum helps connect to past and ongoing military contributions in creating and protecting our nation by demonstrating the sacrifices of all Canadians and their families who served in the past and who continue to serve today.

Supply Line

Reached 168 Schools and 11,500 Students across Canada

Adopt A Book

Over 918 Books acquired by Military History Research Centre (CWM)  


6,000 annual volunteer hours provided by Friends to CWM.


What’s Going On

FCWM Newsletter

Upcoming Event

Virtual Friends Forum – May 19th, 2022

The Friends are pleased to announce our third English Virtual Friends Forum presentation on: Thursday, 19 May, 2022. 7 – 8pm (Eastern Daylight Time) on Zoom. The guest speaker is Tyler Wentzell who will discuss; “The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion – how it formed, how it trained, and how it fought.” Tyler Wentzell is a historian, lawyer, and infantry officer.  He holds a masters degree in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada and a law degree from…

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Help the Friends support the Museum by becoming a donor today.

Why Volunteer?

The Friends is an all-volunteer organization and needs interested people willing to provide time, knowledge and skills to support our mission.

Why be a Member?

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