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Make a commitment statement through a membership and decision-making. Members vote at the Annual Members’ Meeting – elect members to the Board of Directors – participate in other special business decisions. We need your ideas to advance the Friends purpose.

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    By-law Section 9: There shall be one class of Members in the Corporation. Membership in the Corporation shall be available to persons interested in furthering the Corporation's purposes and who have applied for membership and been accepted into membership in the Corporation by resolution of the Board or in such other manner as may be determined by the Board. Each Member shall be entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of the Members of the Corporation. By-law Section 16 in part states that the Board shall have authority to suspend or expel any Member from the Corporation for any one or more of the following grounds: a. violating any provision of the articles, by-laws, or written policies of the Corporation; b. carrying out any conduct which may be detrimental to the Corporation as determined by the board in its sole discretion; c. for any other reason that the board in its sole and absolute discretion considers to be reasonable, having regard to the purpose of the Corporation

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