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Adopt-a-Book Program 2021

These books are the newest literature in the field, as well as books that help to fill in gaps in the library’s subject matter to ensure a comprehensive look at the subject.

What is this program?

Each year, at the end of January, the Military History Research Centre of the Canadian War Museum provides the Friends charity with a list of titles they wish to acquire for enhancing the Centre’s research capability but are beyond its budget allocation resources.

Why is this program important?

Since the program’s inception over 1,035 titles with a value exceeding $44,000 have been sponsored on behalf of the Military History Research Centre. This generosity has enhanced the Centre’s international reputation, enabling Canadian and global researchers – through the Inter-library Loan Service – to pursue their studies in military history; and by extension add to the public understanding of wars and their impact on societies.

Why should you support this program?

  • Knowing that you are helping to enhance the capabilities of the Military History Research Centre and its international reputation for excellence;
  • Knowing that you have contributed positive and practical support through the Friends charity for the on-going work of the Canadian War Museum as a national treasure.
  • Knowing that each adopted title has your name inserted on the inside cover, hence a permanent record of your generosity; and
  • Knowing that, in addition to your name, you have the ability to recognize another individual or group – living or departed – in tribute, or in memoriam;

How can I support?

Adopt-a-book or books and honour a person you admire.  Here is how.  Go to the Sponsor a Book page and follow the steps. Enter the required information, and in the ‘message box’ insert ‘Adopt-a-Book’ together with the listed number(s) and title(s) you wish to sponsor. If you wish, there is also a further box in which you may enter an ‘in memoriam’ or ‘dedication’. 

Adopt-A-Book Campaign 2021

The books adopted during this campaign will help to ensure that the Military History Research Centre’s library continues to be the best collection of Canadian military history titles in the world. These books are the newest literature in the field, as well as books that help to fill in gaps in the library’s subject matter to ensure a comprehensive look at the subject. This year several titles have been chosen with inter-war and modern themes, as these are becoming more heavily studied areas. There are also titles on Canada’s relations with other countries, studies on foreign military powers, and new views on military theory.

The titles the MHRC library wishes to acquire are listed below. You may of course leave the selection of a title or titles to the campaign coordinator. In the event that a title has already been adopted, the coordinator will assign an alternate title of equal value. The library will then acquire the book(s) and inscribe the name of the sponsor and the “In Memorium” or “Dedication” on a bookplate in each volume.

1Writing the Empire: The McIlwraiths, 1853–1948Eva-Marie KröllerSOLD
2Noirs dans les camps nazisSerge Bilé$20
3Sombres bourreauxSerge BiléSOLD
4Poilus nègres: soldats créoles et africains en 14-18Serge BiléSOLD
5Ardennes 1944: Hitler’s Last GambleAntony Beevor$30
6Arnhem: The Battle for the Bridges, 1944Antony BeevorSOLD
7Arnhem : la dernière victoire allemandeAntony BeevorSOLD
8StalingradAntony BeevorSOLD
9La chute de BerlinAntony BeevorSOLD
10Les Belles histoires d’une sale guerreAlain StankéSOLD
11Histoires vécues du Débarquement : 6 juin 1944 : le matin des CanadiensAlain Stanké$30
12Des barbelés dans ma mémoireAlain Stanké$50
13Le sort de la minorité japonaise aux États-Unis et au CanadaGreg Robinson$30
14Erich Von Manstein: Hitler’s Master StrategistBenoit LemaySOLD
15Erwin RommelBenoit Lemay$30
16Nous nous souviendrons. Le Québec dans la Première Guerre mondiale : sacrifice, détermination, victoire 1914-1919Richard GigèreSOLD
17L’humour des Poilus canadiens-français de la Grande GuerreBernard AndrèsSOLD
18Et les chiens bouffent les cadavres. Notre guerre en AfghanistanGraeme SmithSOLD
19Des braves et des guerriers. Les Amérindiens du Québec et la guerre de 1812Jean-Pierre Sawaya$30
20Changer le système de la guerre ” : le siège en Nouvelle-France, 1755-1760Michel ThéveninSOLD
21Benedict XV: A Pope in the World of the ‘Useless Slaughter’ (1914-1918)A. Melloni, G. Cavagnini, G. Grossi$275
22Les Deux guerres mondiales Cof.John KeeganSOLD
23Anatomie de la batailleJohn Keegan$50
24Churchill: Walking with DestinyAndrew RobertsSOLD
25The Unwomanly Face of WarSvetlana AlexievichSOLD
26Dresden: The Fire and the DarknessSinclair McKaySOLD
27Churchill’s Shadow Raiders: The Race to Develop Radar, World War II’s Invisible Secret WeaponDamien LewisSOLD
28Code Name: Lise: The True Story of the Woman Who Became WWII’s Most Highly Decorated SpyLarry LoftisSOLD
29Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to AmericaAnnie JacobsenSOLD
30Orage d’acierErnst JungerSOLD
31The Making of Détente: Eastern Europe and Western Europe in the Cold War, 1965-75 (Cold War History)George Henri Soutou/Wilfried LothSOLD
32La Guerre à l’Est – Histoire d’un régiment allemand 1941-1944August Von Kagenek$20
33De la croix de fer à la potence : Roland von Hoesslin un officier allemand résistant à HitlerAugust Von KagenekSOLD
34Age of Empire: 1875-1914Eric J. HobsbawmSOLD
35The Age of Extremes: A History of the World, 1914-1991Eric J. Hobsbawm$20
36L’âge des extrêmesEric J. HobsbawmSOLD
37La poudrière d’Orient. 1, L’enfer des DardanellesPierre Miquel$30
38Les PoilusPierre Miquel$20
39La bataille de la MarnePierre Miquel$30
40Mourir à VerdunPierre Miquel$20
41La grande guerre des françaisJean-Baptiste Duroselle$20
42The Boer War: A HistoryDenis Judd and Keith SurridgeSOLD
43Eagle against the sunRonald H. SpectorSOLD
44World War II : The Definitive Visual History from Blitzkrieg to the Atom BombN/A (Smithsonian)$30
45World War II Fighter Planes Spotter’s GuideTony HolmesSOLD
46Aircraft: The Definitive Visual HistoryPhilip WhitemanSOLD
47World War I : The Definitive Visual HistoryN/A (Smithsonian)$30
48Chars D’Assaut De Le Seconde Guerre MondialeRuben Ygua$30
49Russian Tanks of World War II: 1939-1945Stephen Hart$30
50Ruin and Renewal : Civilizing Europe After World War IIPaul BettsSOLD
51The Schlieffen Plan – International Perspectives on the German Strategy for World War IEdited by Hans Ehlert, Michael Epkenhans, Gerhard P. Gross and David T. ZabeckiSOLD
52Adventures from the Coldest Part of the Cold WarBrian JeffreySOLD
53Appel: A Canadian in the French Foreign LegionJoel Adam StruthersSOLD
54The Generals’ War: Operational Level Command on the Western Front in 1918 (Twentieth-Century Battles)David T. ZabeckiSOLD
55The Myth and Reality of German Warfare: Operational Thinking from Moltke the Elder to HeusingerDavid T. ZabeckiSOLD

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