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Adopt-a-Book Program 2024

The 2024 Adopt-a-Book List is now open to purchase

The Friends thank you for your support.

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What is this program?

Each year, on April 1st, the Military History Research Centre of the Canadian War Museum provides the Friends charity with a list of titles they wish to acquire for enhancing the Centre’s research capability but are beyond its budget allocation resources.

Why is this program important?

Since the program’s inception over 1,150 titles with a value exceeding $53,500 have been sponsored on behalf of the Military History Research Centre. This generosity has enhanced the Centre’s international reputation, enabling Canadian and global researchers – through the Inter-library Loan Service – to pursue their studies in military history; and by extension add to the public understanding of wars and their impact on societies.

Why should you support this program?

  • Knowing that you are helping to enhance the capabilities of the Military History Research Centre and its international reputation for excellence;
  • Knowing that you have contributed positive and practical support through the Friends charity for the on-going work of the Canadian War Museum as a national treasure.
  • Knowing that each adopted title has your name inserted on the inside cover, hence a permanent record of your generosity; and
  • Knowing that, in addition to your name, you have the ability to recognize another individual or group – living or departed – in tribute, or in memoriam;

How can I support?

Adopt-a-book or books and honour a person you admire.  Here is how.  Go to the Sponsor a Book page and follow the steps. Enter the required information, and in the ‘message box’ insert ‘Adopt-a-Book’ together with the listed number(s) and title(s) you wish to sponsor. If you wish, there is also a further box in which you may enter an ‘in memoriam’ or ‘dedication’. 

Adopt-a-Book Campaign 2024-2025

The books adopted during this campaign will help to ensure that the Military History Research Centre’s library continues to be the best collection of Canadian military history titles in the world. These books are the newest literature in the field, as well as books that help to fill in gaps in the library’s subject matter to ensure a comprehensive look at the subject. This year our offering is of 78 books of which 60 are in English and 18 in French. These books deal with a very large array of topics: from geopolitics and strategy to military tactics; personal experiences, including women’s perspective in war; general and military history through the ages; economic weapons, wargaming and photography.

The titles the MHRC library wishes to acquire are listed below. You may of course leave the selection of a title or titles to the campaign coordinator. In the event that a title has already been adopted, the coordinator will assign an alternate title of equal value. The library will then acquire the book(s) and inscribe the name of the sponsor and the “In Memorium” or “Dedication” on a bookplate in each volume.

1World War Two: 500 Interesting Facts About Major Events, Battles, and PeopleAhoy publications$36.00ENG
2The flying Mathematicians of WWITony Royle$40.00ENG
3Diary of an invasionAndrei Kurkov$35.00ENG
4Command: The Politics of Military Operations from Korea to UkraineLawrence Freedman$37.00ENG
5First Canadian Army: Victory in Europe 1944-45Simon Forty, Leo Marriott$30.00ENG
6Sherman Tank, Vol. 5: The M4A4 “British” Sherman in World War IIDavid Doyle$30.00ENG
7Sherman Tank, Vol. 3: America’s M4A2 Medium Tank in World War IIDavid Doyle$30.00ENG
8The Sacrifice we will not forget – Dieppe Raid vol. 1Robert P. D’Aoust$55.00ENG
9The Sacrifice we will not forget – Dieppe Raid vol. 2Robert P. D’Aoust$55.00ENG
10The Sacrifice we will not forget – Dieppe Raid vol. 3Robert P. D’Aoust$55.00ENG
11They gave their all-the Canadian Merchant Navy 1939-1945 vol. 1Robert P. D’AoustSOLDENG
12They gave their all-the Canadian Merchant Navy 1939-1945 vol. 2Robert P. D’AoustSOLDENG
13They gave their all-the Canadian Merchant Navy 1939-1945 vol. 3Robert P. D’AoustSOLDENG
14They gave their all-the Canadian Merchant Navy 1939-1945 vol. 4Robert P. D’AoustSOLDENG
15Ultimate Sacrifice in the Royal Canadian Navy, The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, and the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve 1939-1947 – vol.1Robert P. D’AoustSOLDENG
16Ultimate Sacrifice in the Royal Canadian Navy, The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, and the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve 1939-1947 – vol.2Robert P. D’AoustSOLDENG
17Ultimate Sacrifice in the Royal Canadian Navy, The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, and the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve 1939-1947 – vol.3 part IRobert P. D’AoustSOLDENG
18Ultimate Sacrifice in the Royal Canadian Navy, The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, and the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve 1939-1947 – vol.3 part IIRobert P. D’AoustSOLDENG
19Walter S. Allward: Life & WorkPhilip DombowskySOLDENG
20M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943–65Steven ZalogaSOLDENG
21Canadian Forces Aptitude Test Study Guide – CFAT Preparation Book 150 Test Questions – Canadian Forces Aptitude CFAT Test PreparationMoxi Press$20.00ENG
22Canadian Defence Policy in Theory and Practice, Volume 2 (Canada and International Affairs)Thomas Juneau, Philippe Lagass$90.00ENG
23La guerre 1939-1945Chrisitine Sagnier$20.00FR
24Le debarquementSophie Lamoureux$20.00FR
25Les Métiers de l’arméeSophie de Mullenheim$20.00FR
26Les Portes-AvionsJacques Dayan$20.00FR
27Les arméesAgnès Vandewiele, Julien Noirel$20.00FR
28Les sous-marinsJacques Dayan$20.00FR
29Rwanda experience 1982-1997 de Médecins sans FrontièresJean Hervé BradolSOLDFR
30World War 2 History For Kids: A Timeline of Fascinating Facts, Characters and Stories of Courage that Inspire & EducateHistory Brought Alive$25.00ENG
31The humanitarian-military complex in AfghanistanEric James$110.00ENG
32The red cross movement: Myths, practices and turning pointsNeville WylieSOLDENG
33Les musiciens militaires de la Nouvelle-France. Pratiques et EspacesJean-François Plante$60.00FR
34Du beurre ou des canons. Une histoire culturelle de l’alimentation sous le IIIe ReichTristan Landry$40.00FR
35Guerre d’Espagne et socialisme international : dernière chance pour l’ordre démocratique d’entre-deux-guerresNicolas Lépine$25.00FR
36Une vie de soldat. Le Général Jacques DextrazeJean-Pierre Gagnon$30.00FR
37Le Canada à l’aube de la guerre en Ukraine : penser la sécurité et la défense dans un monde en émergenceAndré Simonyi et Frederick CôtéSOLDFR
38Nexus: A Brief History of Information Networks from the Stone Age to AIYuval Noah Harari$45.00FR
39Snow and Steel: The Battle of the Bulge, 1944-45Peter Caddick-Adams$33.00ENG
40Russia Against ModernityAlexander EtkindSOLDENG
41World War II History for Kids: 500 FactsKelly Milner Halls$35.00ENG
42The Achilles Trap: Saddam Hussein, the C.I.A., and the Origins of America’s Invasion of IraqSteve Coll$50.00ENG
43East Africa 1940-1941 (land campaign): The Italian Army Defends The Empire In The Horn Of AfricaMarek Sobski$45.00ENG
44British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums: Volume II: Armored Ships 1860-1895, Monitors and Aviation ShipsRichard Perkins$45.00ENG
45The Last Cavalry Sword: An Illustrated History of the Twilight Years of Cavalry Swords (UK) General George S. Patton and the US Army’s Last Sword (US)Anthony Burke$45.00ENG
46North Atlantic Crossroads: The Royal Air Force Ferry Command Gander Unit, 1940–1946Darrell E. Hillier$20.00ENG
47Battle Of The Alps 1940: Italian Invasion Of FranceMarek Sobski$35.00ENG
48Adventures of a SoldierEdward Costello$20.00ENG
49Until the Eyes Shut: Memories of a machine gunner on the Eastern Front, 1943-45Andreas Hartinger$20.00ENG
50Gear Up for Surviving A Nuclear War: Todays World And Its Inevitable Nuclear Fallout; Learn All The Nuclear War Survival SkillsE. J. Mendoza$40.00ENG
51Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin’s Most Dangerous HackersAndy Greenberg$25.00ENG
52Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital WeaponKim Zetter$25.00ENG
53Black ops : l’anthologie des opérations secrètes de 1914 à nos joursNigel West$35.00FR
54Black Ops: Secret Military Operations from 1914 to the PresentNigel West$30.00ENG
55Quarante voleurs en carence affective : bagarres animales et guerres humainesBoris Cyrulnik$40.00FR
56Un reporter au coeur de la Libération : des plages du Débarquement au bureau d’HitlerJean Baptiste Pattier$20.00FR
57Le Saboteur : l’aristocrate qui défia les nazisPaul Kix$15.00FR
58La Guerre en têteRomain Huet$35.00FR
59When the Sea Came Alive : An Oral History of D-DayGarrett M Graff$40.00ENG
60The Secret History of Soldiers: How Canadians Survived the Great WarTim CookSOLDENG
61Bomber Command: Churchill’s Greatest TriumphRoddy Mackenzie$50.00ENG
62How Canada Won the Great WarRobert Child$15.00ENG
63The Figure of the Child in WWI American, British, and Canadian Children’s Literature: Farmer, Tailor, Soldier, SpyElizabeth Galway$25.00ENG
64On Killing Remotely: The Psychology of Killing with DronesWayne Phelps$40.00ENG
65War Made Invisible: How America Hides the Human Toll of Its Military MachineNorman Solomon$30.00ENG
66Understanding the War IndustryChristian Sorensen$30.00ENG
67Spies, Lies, and Algorithms: The History and Future of American IntelligenceAmy B. Zegart$30.00ENG
68Russia Against ModernityAlexander Etkind$20.00ENG
69Patriots, Traitors and Empires
The Story of Korea’s Struggle for Freedom
Stephen Govans$28.00ENG
70U-boats at War in 100 Objects 1939–1945Gordon Williamson$50.00ENG
71Bitter PeleliuJoseph Wheelan$40.00ENG
72Combat Divers: An illustrated history of Special Forces diversMichael G Welham$54.00ENG
73The Soviet century: Archaeology of a Lost WorldKarl Schlögel$55.00ENG
74British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Album: Volume I — Capital Ships 1895-1939Richard Perkins$50.00ENG
75British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums: Vol. III: Cruisers 1865-1939, Part I Richard Perkins$120.00ENG
76British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums: Volume IV: Cruisers 1865-1939, Part 2Richard Perkins$100.00ENG
77British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums: Volume V: Destroyers, Torpedo Boats and Coastal Forces, 1876-1939Richard Perkins$20.00ENG
78British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums: Volume VI: Submarines, Gunboats, Gun Vessels, and Sloops, 1860-1939Richard Perkins$20.00ENG

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