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The Friends are pleased to announce our second English Virtual Friends Forum presentation on:

Thursday, 28 April, 2022. 7 – 8pm (Eastern Daylight Time) on Zoom.

The guest speaker is Dr. Geoffrey Jackson who teaches Military and Canadian History and Strategic Studies at Mount Royal University.

Dr. Jackson’s talk will focus on the formation of two First World War divisions, Britain’s 62nd (2nd West Riding) Division and the Canadian 4th Division. Dr. Jackson will focus on how the British Expeditionary Force rose to raise these combat effective divisions. Dr. Jackson will explore how leadership, discipline, training, and how the imperial and dominion cultural differences impacted the quality of these units. 

Members, Newsletter recipients and guests are invited to participate. Signal your interest in attending to FCWM Office  ([email protected]).


April 28, 2022

7pm - 8pm

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