Post War

Artifact PW2-12: Telecommunications during the Korean War

Submitted by : General Ramsey Withers (Ret’d)


PW2-12 Telecommunications during the Korean War: Good communications are vital to the success of any military mission.

Lt. Withers inspecting the “H-Frame”

Lieutenant Withers arrived in Korea in late June 1952 and was immediately sent to 1 R 22e R to replace a Signal Officer casualty. This photo, which was taken by a member of the brigade public affairs staff, shows Lt. Withers inspecting the “H-Frame” where the lines to all the forward companies, support platoons, the battalion Command Post, A & B Echelons, flanking battalions and brigade headquarters were terminated before being connected to our battalion headquarters switchboard, on the Yong Don position, in December 1952. The H-Frame was the point at which we started “trouble shooting” outages.

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