First World War

Artifact W1-13: Vimy Memories

We are grateful to Kevin Reeves for sharing these priceless memories with us. He has written a book entitled “Somewhere in France – Love Letters from the Trenches” in which he shares more insights into the correspondence between his grandfather and future grandmother while David Reeves was serving in France.

Reeves Letters Home Copy
Reeves Letters Home Copy These are letters written by David Reeves from the trenches of the Western Front to his future wife, Laura. Note that one at least had been opened by the official censor.
Reeves Invitation to Buckingham Palace Copy Invitation to a reception at Buckingham Palace for attendees at the Vimy Memorial Opening. This one was issued to Kevin Reeves’ father who was 11 years old at the time.
Reeves Travel Warrant Copy Copy of the special train ticket issued to all veterans returning to the 1936 Vimy Memorial dedication ceremony.
Reeves Column from North Bay Nugget Copy Article from the North Bay Nugget reporting on David Reeves’ participation in the 1936 dedication ceremony.
Reeves Souvenir Booklet Copy Souvenir Booklet from 1936 Vimy Memorial Pilgrimage.
Reeves Account of Pilgrimage Copy First page of a 15 page account written by David Reeves on his return to Vimy Ridge in 1936
Reeves More Nugget Copy Another article from the North Bay Nugget, reporting on Laura Reeves’ trip to the Vimy Memorial dedication ceremony.

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